Blackout your blog for Sport Relief tonight

Tonight’s the night, and if you’ve been following our Online Mile Campaign for Sport Relief, you’ll know that tonight we’re asking you to blackout your blog to help raise awareness and some much needed funds for the charities and projects Sport Relief support.

So, what are we asking you to do? Tonight (or at any point today), to coincide with the Sport Relief Night of TV, dedicate a blog post to Sport Relief by putting the below Donate button and code onto your blog. You can also write a couple of sentences to say why you’re doing it. Just save the photo below, upload it to your own blog and link through to the giving page using the link. Think of it as a Silent Sunday, but, well, on a Friday! Then put your feet up, enjoy the show and know you’ve helped change lives.

We hope you’ll join us today helping this amazing cause, and you can catch up on all the action throughout the day on the Sport Relief Twitter, or on the Best British Bloggers Twitter.

Donate Button


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