Content: keeping it fresh

Any blogger will know that regular posting is key to a fresh, exciting and interesting blog.

In fact, without great content – visual or verbal – then a blog can be dull and frankly boring to read. But ‘regular posting’ can mean a lot of different things to different bloggers: is it once a week, once a day, or whenever you feel like it? And what does ‘great content’ mean anyway – is it great for the blogger, the reader, or the search engines?

The pressure on bloggers from the blogger and blogging readership community to post very regularly – i.e. once a day – is immense. Leave your blog for a couple of weeks or even, gawd forbid, a month and you’ll be lambasted. But posting every day is hard work and, if your content isn’t really top notch because you’re posting too often, then you’re not going to be scoring points with either your readership or the search engines. Quality over quantity is my motto, every single time. Posting one or two quality pieces of keyword-rich, intelligently written content once a week is infinitely much better that posting short, poorly constructed content every day: not only for your blog stats but also for your own development as a writer and blogger.

You don't have to pull this face to be a good writer...

Keyword-rich copy isn’t something that bloggers might particularly concentrate on, but for the purposes of great content, it could be something that you want to look into. As it stands, you’re probably already writing copy that includes the keyword search terms that you want to attract for your blog: if you’re a fashion blogger, it might be ‘summer dresses’ or ‘ankle boots’ or any other number of different phrases that people search for. Including search terms is a great way to improve your content for the engines – but don’t forget about the humans!

It seems that far too many bloggers, for whatever reasons, forget about their human readers when creating either visual or verbal content. It’s a simple rule but always, always check your grammar and spelling before posting anything on your blog – it’s a pet peeve of content editors anywhere when you come across a fabulous looking blog that’s incredibly hard to read due to easily-corrected errors. Don’t forget, too, to give yourself a bit of ‘structure and stretch’ – structure your posts so you don’t end up rambling, and stretch yourself in the vocabulary and creative aspects of your writing. An exciting and expansive vocabulary makes writing more interesting to read; there’s only so many times something can be described as ‘cool’ without the reader getting bored.

As for the issue of posting frequency, the question you should always ask yourself is: am I enjoying it? If you’re posting every day because you feel some sort of ephemeral external pressure, rather than because you have the time and energy to create excellent daily content, then stop. Set a posting frequency – maybe two or three times a week – and stick to it. And don’t beat yourself up if you can’t manage those posts because of real-life commitments!

Elly’s Top Content Tips

  • Quality over quantity
  • Consider your keywords
  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself (grammatically)
  • Structure and stretch
  • Set your frequency to ‘achievable’

How often do you post, and what are your tips for great content?

4 Responses

Posted by Zoe Homes on

I post once a day max, unless there’s a photo I just have to share in which case I may also post that. But it’s normally on a few days a week, not every day.

Content wise I stand by writing what you’re interested in. Whether it’s product reviews or general posts or whatever else, write about what you like/love/hate/care about and readers will find that interesting. Hopefully!

Posted by Dee on

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am at a crossroads with my blog, launched three months ago, and frequency is a niggly point. I was starting to think I needed to post on a daily basis, but knew that I would bore myself, never mind my baker’s dozen subscribers (or the Thirteen Samurai as I like to think of them!). And I like ‘structure and stretch’ as a concept too!

Posted by Elly Snare on

Thanks for your comment Zoe – I definitely agree on writing about what you’re interested in. It’s very easy to only write about what you think will be popular, but if you’re not enjoying what you’re writing about, that will always come across in your tone and the content in general. Thanks for reading! Elly

Posted by Elly Snare on

Thanks for your comment Dee! I’m glad you found the post helpful and that it’ll encourage you to find a blogging frequency that works for you. And yes, structure and stretch is a fun concept that also helps make your content even better! Thanks for reading 🙂 Elly

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