Big Travel List

Last autumn we asked a selection of fabulous bloggers to write about their favourite things in their city.

The Big Travel List was a project in association with Hertz that saw bloggers from the UK, France and Germany creating a guide of 5 to 10 must-see destinations in their city. Well, who better to ask about all the ‘off the beaten track’ destinations and lesser-known gems of the city than the locals?

While many of us may visit cities around Europe, very few venture off the tourist trail and even fewer find out where the locals spend their time. The aim of our campaign was to discover new places in some of our favourite cities, and learn what others enjoy doing when at home in their own city. We had great feedback from our bloggers and found out some great places to visit.

Happy City created a fantastic guide to Paris which helps visitors look well beyond the Eiffel Tower with ten exciting ideas listed. We loved the suggested activities, particularly the wall of “I love you” which would be a perfect destination for any couple visiting the city. Another one of our favourites was the cat café were customers are able to enjoy their favourite coffee while surrounded by cats.  Even those who have visited Paris numerous times will discover new things to do in the city. Other bloggers involved include Elodie in Paris , Magalire and The Parisienne. The blog posts are accompanied by original artwork by Joseph Larkowsky which was designed to look water-damaged in an old Parisian style.






Kylie documented her favourite places to visit in Surrey which really show the region in a different light.  Her blog post over on Memoir Mode shows there are lots of fun things to do without going into London; particularly if you want more space and time in the countryside. Kylie’s list of nice places to visit is ideal for those with children as there are so many activities both children and parents can enjoy. Whether you want a day out visiting a farm or a walk in between vineyards, there is much more to do in Surrey in you may think.



German lifestyle blogger Vreni from NeverEverEver shared her best personal hotspots in Berlin for anyone who wants to visit the capital city without the need for travelling to the main attractions. It seems Vreni loves the Wannensee; a large lake just outside Berlin, perfect if you want to hire a car and get out of the buzzing city for the day. She also shares her favourite flea markets around Berlin. A nice weekend activity if you enjoy hunting for those little treasures.



We loved hearing what people get up to in their own area. There is obviously no better tour guide than those that already live there.

Want to find some hidden gems in your city? Check below to see if your area – or perhaps somewhere you’re planning to visit – was part of the Hertz Big Travel List:






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