Best British Bloggers are a team of experienced online marketers, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We’ve been working with some of the biggest UK brands and providing a ‘blogger outreach’ service to clients for many years, which is where the idea for BBB was born.

Online retailers are increasingly recognising the benefit of engaging with influential bloggers, so our service helps create long term relationships between writers and brand, for their mutual benefit.

We are recruiting the best online writers and matching them with the biggest UK brands, covering fashion, retail, and technology sectors, with big plans for spreading our wings further. We aim to sign up the UK’s best bloggers to ensure that we can match up any brand that works with us, whether this is for a straightforward product review, guest blog post or feature article.

We’re a chatty bunch so just tweet, Facebook or email us if you’re a blogger or brand that wants to be part of Best British Bloggers.