What is influencer outreach?

Influencer outreach or influencer marketing is developing and building mutually beneficial relationships with bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers to create genuine, organic content featuring brands and products they love.

What is a vlog?

A vlog is a video-based blog where influencers share snapshots of their daily life via platforms like Vimeo or YouTube. Bloggers may often include an embedded video with supporting text if the video is related to a product or brand, or vloggers may focus specifically on creating content on their YouTube channel.

How will influencer outreach increase brand awareness?

Online influencers introduce their audience to brands and help to increase positive association and advocacy. By sharing their thoughts and experiences of a brand’s product or service with their followers, the brand will be remembered for these positive attributes when it comes to considering a purchase.

It’s vital in an increasingly digital world to ensure your brand is talked about and continues to be talked about alongside your competitors. Our approach means your brand stays at the forefront of your target audience’s mind, for the right reasons.

What kind of brands does Best British Bloggers work with?

We’re lucky enough to work with some of the world’s best brands in a variety of verticals. From beauty and travel, to food and tech, our skills in sourcing, recruiting and building long-lasting relationships extend across a range of different brands and countries.

Does Best British Bloggers work with international influencers?

We work with influencers in over 20 different countries. We have a talented, in-house multilingual team so we can communicate with influencers across the globe. Any languages we don’t currently cover can be set up within 6 weeks.

What makes Best British Bloggers different?

We offer a bespoke service to suit your specific business objectives, and take the time to select bloggers that are right for your brand. We’ve developed a unique algorithm to score influencers by relevance using a number of different metrics. It is the combination of our unrivalled experience in this field and our reputation among the blogging community that makes us the right partner for your next successful marketing campaign.

How will influencer engagement complement my social media strategy?

Bloggers with strong social followings can make or break a PR or social media campaign. They can be the difference in your hashtag trending and being seen by thousands, or getting lost in the noise. We choose influencers with strong communities, not just big numbers but engaged fans – who view, share, and comment on  content. Working with influencers on a social media campaign is a vital step towards success.

How many online influencers currently exist in your community?

We started as a network in 2011 and attracted over 10,000 bloggers worldwide very quickly. It soon became clear that simply relying on a list of influencers was not the best approach for us. So rather than boasting about numbers to you, our USP is simple. We will source, recruit and match the very best online influencers that suit your brand or campaign, using the relationships we have worked hard to build up. It is our experience of this service that is our offering. So while we have worked with many bloggers signed up to our network, we also work with many who are not.

What kind of influencers do you work with?

We work with influencers from a range of different niches. We’re proud to take on any brief, even outside of the popular lifestyle, beauty and fashion categories. In the past we’ve recruited bloggers interested in horse racing, plus-size fashion, money-saving, wine tasting, yoga, tennis and even cloud computing. We welcome a challenge!