Influencer engagement is booming, from both sides of the fence. Blogger outreach is extremely important in any market, both for brand awareness and getting your message out there.

Working with bloggers is what we do best here at BBB. We’re keen to create campaigns that reflect your brand, developing great content, to place in front of an audience who will be driven to learn more about who you are and what you do.

Why use BBB for blogger engagement?

We’ve built strong relationships with influencers since the start and this is what we pride ourselves on. BBB has had the opportunity to work with some great clients and we’ve developed some exciting campaigns based on their key objectives. We don’t believe in mass mail-outs – our approach is instead tailored to your brand’s needs and we’ll select the most appropriate bloggers to work with based on our expertise. Along with our experience and carefully built relationships, we have a proprietary scorecard which helps us to understand which bloggers are the best to work with.

We’ve worked on an array of blogger engagement campaigns for a range of clients – whether you’re a beauty brand launching your product to a new audience, or you’re a sports nutrition brand promoting a campaign, we can help.