The public relations industry is built on communication and relationships between stakeholders. Traditionally the main contacts to get your message seen, heard and trusted was through journalists writing for media publications.

While this is still a valid tactic for your campaign, the rise of digital platforms giving voices to those not in journalism roles saw the creation of a service reaching out to these new voices on behalf of brands. The voices we know now as online influencers. The method remains the same, so how can we leverage influencers?


What is the relationship between influencer marketing and public relations?

Influencer marketing should be as important as traditional PR tactics in your overall strategy. It is the ideal solution for creating positive brand associations, getting your campaign read, shared and talked about, often instantly. The unbiased nature of a ‘real’ person sharing their opinion and experience of a brand is far more attractive to the average consumer looking for inspiration.

Why use BBB for PR and influencer marketing?

The world of influencer marketing is a minefield, and many PR agencies and brands, quite rightly, work on maintaining their relationships with media, but find it difficult to know where to start when it comes to the thousands of bloggers just here in the UK. Here is where we will take the guesswork and the leg work out for you.

Our little black book of contacts is bursting with online writers, video creators and Instagram stars, but most importantly we truly know these people. We know what they like and have listened to what they don’t like. This has enabled us to work with brands and agencies on successful campaigns for a number of years.

We become an extension to your team, working quickly and tirelessly until we get you the results you’re after.