As part of the rapidly growing online community that is YouTube, video bloggers or ‘vloggers’ are becoming the go-to content for consumers using the platform. Vloggers are ordinary people who capture their life through videos online, all the while building up close relationships with their subscribers, followers and fans, giving their content a unique and authentic feel.


Why should you consider vlogger engagement?

Using vlogger outreach can be hugely beneficial for your brand. Aspirational yet relatable, vloggers are fast becoming the most authoritative figures in digital. Working collaboratively with them means your brand has the opportunity to further your audience reach, and help solidify your relationship with existing consumers.

What are the benefits of vlogger engagement?

When working with the right influencers for your brand, vlogger engagement can generate some fantastic results, creating brand awareness and advocacy within your target audience. We work with vloggers who are successful on various channels, meaning you benefit from brand exposure across multiple platforms.


What makes our approach different?

Our handpicked, personal approach to recruiting vloggers puts us head and shoulders above the rest. Some agencies look at social media followers and subscribers as their main way to measure reach, whereas we’ve developed a unique algorithm that determines relevancy based on a number of key factors.